Digital Pulse Media was founded by Peter Duncan a self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive. A knowledge junkie with a thirst for anything computer, Internet or business related.

Peter has developed skills in the online marketing industry over the last 14 years, developed relationships with some of the most successful online marketers and wants to share his knowledge with local businesses.

Over the last 4 years Peter has completed multiple courses and has developed strong skills in areas such as online marketing, PHP – a Programming Language, API Development, Copywriting, (SEO) search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation and a fond knowledge of systems for automated sales and marketing.

Seeing huge change, growth and opportunity for SME’s to capitalize on cost-effective new media channels … and along side of sophisticated SaaS (software as a service) applications, he wants to pass on his knowledge to help businesses succeed in todays convoluted digital landscape.

Peter is driven by results, making himself available 24/7 for his clients, whether it be for strategy advise or even simple technical problems.

Life’s A Lesson

Peter went from turning an idea into a fully fledged business turning over a million dollars per annum with growth rates peaking at 140%. Peter put together a 5 year strategic partnership with a national supplier. Managed thousands of customers and over 70 staff and contractors … developing systems and processes were at the heart of everything he did.

With plenty of mistakes being made a long the way – the lessons learned played an indelible roll in the idea of optimizing processes to be more efficient – ultimately making businesses more sustainable for growth and profit.

Marketing has Changed for Good!

Marketing is not the same as it was … The days of cherry picking the best customers and not worrying about the rest are long gone. Throwing money on a marketing campaign and getting a good response is long gone. SME’s are about to experience a huge change in the way they market their products and services to the modern consumer. The control of the sales process is now firmly in the hands of the consumer.

By combining local search, mobile and social channels it is now possible to cost-effectively market to a highly targeted audience. The future of sales and marketing for small business is going to be an exciting one to watch with all of the new channels, tools and technology platforms now becoming more affordable and readily available.

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