We have been working extensively with a franchise company to increase online marketing, visibility and digital sales and marketing in general for the franchise company and their franchisees. We Started off by working with the franchise company in Wellington to increase sales, within 3 months they sales performance jumped by 161% by using one of our strategies.

We normally work with what we call the perfect customer life-cycle to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the business. We then set out to improve in all of these areas and provide solutions and tools to maximise efficiency and productivity.

We split each category of the business into the following areas:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales conversion
  • Deliver & Satisfy
  • Upsell Capabilities
  • Referrals & Customer Retention

After segmenting and assessing these areas, we were able to see


SEM We were able to get HABiT Wellington to the top of Google within 12 hours of implementing a search engine campaign. This bought in instant results and while we this campaign was in place we were working hard to get their site ranked in the organic SERPS.

SEO We then worked on their national exposure to increase inspections enquiries from a national perspective. We reached #1 after 3 months for the most popular search terms Building Inspections.
After obtaining the #1 position nationally we worked on the ranking individual franchisees in their local areas and have out 10 we are currently ranking #1 for 9 of the areas.
Search volume increased by

Video Marketing

We produced a story about the directors and the road to success and how they lead their customers to success.
with 30 % opt-in rate



Landing Page With An Organised Sales Funnel in Behind Originaly The HABiT when making sales calls to potential customers where missing out on a huge opportunity by not being able to continually market to their prospects. Their lead generation was through cold calling When the call was made and no



Organised Sales Systems With the new sales funnel in place HABiT are now able to build a list of prospects to communicate with on an on-going basis. There sales systems where made up of:

  • Microsoft Access Database
  • Google Docs
  • Aweber  (Email Client For Communication and collecting email opt-ins
The sales team from HABiT where struggling to make sense of their systems in terms of organising and segmenting their prospects into categories that would   determine how hot or warm or cold the prospect was. Their current system did not have the facility to score the lead to determine the interest of the buyer due to the converstations and interactions of the prospect and the sales content that was being communicated.
This lead to hot prospects falling through the cracks. The old saying that it takes about 5 interactions with a prospect before your conversion rates go up. HABiT sales team where leaving money by not giving them selves the opportunity to continue on the relationship with the prospect by not being able to score leads, segment and understand the prospects behaviour toward their sales and marketing content.
The Solution – Implement an all-in-one sales and marketing solution.
By implementing an an all-in-one sales and marketing solution with lead scoring, list segmentation and transparency of their prospects, HABiT where able to determine who their hot leads where. This meant that they were able to work soley with these leads and provide  sales content to those that were’nt ready to buy and push them further down the sales funnel until they reached a point where they were ready to convert. This made a huge impact on sales conversion and within 3 months tripled their sales volume.
The HABiT were then able to create targeted content to each group in the buying cycle. For those not ready to purchase, content was created in the form of educational content with Ebooks, reports, success case studies. The content was designed to build a relationship to increase credibility and trust with the prospect.
Automated Sales & Marketing 
Once the content was produced it was added to an automated marketing campaign, that once built; was able to be executed on it’s own and upon the execution, provide intelligence to the sales and marketing department on the interactivity the prospects had with the content. Because of of this intelligence being gathered from prospects engaging with the marketing content, HABiT were able to automatically score the prospects from a decimal scoring application, determines by communication and engagement with the prospect.

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