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I had a client recently ring me and ask if they were better off to build a custom designed software package for their business or look for an off-the-shelf software package?

Since I’m a Infusionsoft consultant and a web developer, I was qualified enough to give an objective answer from both sides.

I’m going to give you the answer I gave to her, which basically came down to how her business was currently structured and what the actual needs were going forward.

So the major decisions for upgrading was that they had been operating for ten years and turning over a million dollars per annum.
They needed a website upgrade as it had’nt been touched for or upgraded for at least five years.

They were using an customised e-commerce package and fulfilment was carried out in-house. They were using MYOB for accounts, Microsoft spreadsheet for stock control and CRM and that was pretty much how they operated.

So the owner said that they had been operating like this for a number of years and turning a good profit with an average of 30% gross profit.

To grow the business they wanted to introduce a monthly subscription model which would involve a membership type deal.
So the total spec was as follows:
Build a website with an e-commerce component.
A membership area, which will be updated constantly by staff members.
CRM solution to manage contacts and partners.
Have accounts integrated with contacts and the e-commerce store.
Have fulfilment carried out by a third party solution.
Create a solution for content marketing to grow a new customer base.
Create a solution to provide online partnerships with like-minded

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