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Increase your sales by 30% and reduce your marketing costs’ with Marketing & Sales Automation.

73% of businesses have not set up their sales & marketing funnell!


DigitalPress is an all-in-one web-based sales & marketing solution. Designed to help you build your list of customers and prospects and communicate with them cost-effectively with Marketing Automation.

An essential tool for today’s connected consumer, DigitalPress provides all of the tools you’ll need for today’s marketing landscape… and you can have your first campaign up and running and bringing in immediate results. Guaranteed! (See Below)

  • Design & Publish Professional Landing Pages in just minutes, to capture your prospects so you can start tracking and monitoring.
  • Build your asset by increasing your customer-base through opt-ins on auto pilot
  • Identify who your ‘Ready to Buy Now’ customers are in real time.
  • For the first time ever you can easily track and measure marketing performance, to determine (ROI)Return On Investment even with your offline campaigns.


  • Automate a lot of the follow up sales process, so you can free up more time and concentrate on your hottest leads.
  • Boost Your Conversion Rates by knowing what your response rates are.
  • Integrate your existing marketing and see whats more effective with powerful reporting tools.

DigitalPress is designed to easily publish your own campaigns, increase sales and reduce marketing costs for your business!




Publish Your Own Campaigns

This is how it all fits together. By creating your own landing page for your campaign, you track everything. Make campaigns solely focused on what you are trying to sell – No distractions!




Build High Converting Landing Pages

Build your list and build your customer-base by creating a loyal following. Choose from over 10 tested and proven designs for your landing pages to increase your opt-in rate and build your list quickly. Use our Premium Article Writing Service if you don’t have time!


Build Sales Letters, Bonus Pages, One-Time Offer Pages & More

Create sales letters & offer pages based on proven & tested designs, so you can give your pages a boost before you even start writing your sales copy!


Organise Your Marketing Funnel



Identify immediately who your ‘Buy Now’ customers are. By having an organised sales & marketing funnel you are taking back some of the control from the consumer.


Create Buzz & Excitement with Powerful Product Launches

Build your launch sequence inside DigitalPress and use our advanced features to increase your visitor response and make your launch a great success.


Process Automation with Simple Auto-responder Follow Ups

Free up more time by setting up an automated, sequenced… yet personal follow up system at the beginning of your campaign to build trust & loyalty. Some people just need reminding.


Campaign Tracking To Drive Down Marketing Costs

Easily work out your (CPA) Cost Per Acquisition from your landing page so you can compare it against more expensive campaigns to drive down your marketing costs. Know when your customers are showing good interest, so you can organise your salespeople for follow up or start another auto responder sequence to close the sale.


Analytics For Optimisation

Learn how to optimise your campaigns to sell more with our thorough set of reporting tool. Split test campaigns to see, which ones working better. Find out where the roadblocks are in your sales funnel. Know which of your customers are showing good interest. It gives you complete transparency.


Add Video To Your Pages In Seconds

DigitalPress makes adding video to your pages a breeze. You can use your own video hosted at Amazon S3 or on your server, or use our built in fields for embedding videos from youtube or services like Easy Video Player or EZS3. Videos are known to convert better.


Article Writing Service

Don’t have time to write your own content. We’ll do it for you! We will provide one of our hand picked premium writers to be the voice for your business.


Managed Services

If you don’t have time, Let the experts do it for you. We completely take all of the work off you to free up your time, so you can do what your good at. We guarantee results!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you do not get the desired results from your first campaign. We will refund your money, no questions asked!




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