Email Marketing

How To Grow Your List, Engage Your Audience and Boost Your Business With Email Marketing.

We all know that Email Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing … but some say it’s dead and others say social media and mobile marketing is the way forward.

Okay, well lets get real here for a moment and put some of these theories to the test from a practical and logistical model!

Social media helps email it doesn’t replace it. With a really strong Content Marketing plan social media can help to grow your email list of potential customers.

Mobile consumers by nature don’t spend a lot of time on their devices because they are just too small to do exhaustive research on. Consumers who use mobile devices are more likely to have done their research online before they actually use it to for a locater for price comparison.

If you are new to email marketing or you’re a seasoned expert, I’m going to help you out with a few tips no matter what level you’re at.

Email has been around for quite a few years now and has become an essential part of everyday communication — People’s inboxes have now become far more personal than their traditional old letter boxes. This change has come about, due to email inboxes becoming accessible from anywhere and anytime.

It’s the cheapest form of advertising for businesses around, other than word of mouth.

You must practice consistency with email marketing, it’s something you’ll have to continually iterate as you go.Email Marketing

You won’t be successful first time around and is something that should be tweaked and improved until you know you’ve got it.

To make you distinguished from the rest, include a picture with your newsletter or article if it goes out on a regular basis and make sure the picture is relevant to the email … this makes for a more memorable experience.

Don’t get too upset when people opt-out of your list and don’t take it personally as your not going to be able to engage everyone you come across. Just make sure that your list is always growing.

Auto-Responders are a fantastic way of putting your marketing on Auto-pilot, you can use them in many different ways and different levels. Basic email auto-responders are usually for opt-in confirmations but you can get rather sophisticated and use auto-responders for certain repetitive tasks within your business like customer service and follow up communications. All cutting down time and increasing awareness and professionalism.

Email Marketing has evolved into a sophisticated marketing channel and getting it right can provide great financial rewards. Email is not just sending out monthly newsletters anymore, it’s a form of engagement that builds relationships, trust and credibility. It is now a form of automated marketing and you can use sophisticated platforms like Infusionsoft to manage, maintain and market to your audience.

If your short on ideas to send out to your subscriber list, then think about doing an short online course based around your customers most frequently asked questions or try to add value by sending out an email series through auto-responders on the best way the customer can benefit by using your new product. This is a great way to provide after sales service.

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