FREE Online Training Course.

We are currently putting together a Free video training course for local business owners and marketers to help get access to online customers that are searching for your products or services right now.

Through the course we will be working on a niche market including a case study, related to a popular market. You’ll learn exactly how we were able to rank at #1 for a competitive keyword in that market in just 7 days.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find out how many people are searching online for your product or services
  • Find popular related keywords for your niche
  • Build a landing page for your keyword
  • Buy exact match domains
  • How to host your page
  • Optimise your page for the search engines (On-Page SEO)
  • How to build links (Off-page SEO)
  • How to provide valuable & compelling content.

Call now on 04 476 9123 to register your interest.

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