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Digital Content Marketing Services & Tools For Small Business

If you’re a business owner or a marketer, you’d have to have your head under a rock not to notice old traditional methods of marketing aren’t having the effect they once did a decade ago.

Yes, and now we are talking about SoLoMo! ( Social, Local and Mobile Marketing)

Customer expectations … along with where and how they’re buying, has completely changed over the last decade and an half,  with small business being effected mostly by this change.

One of the first tell tale signs was the introduction of the internet and the shift in control in the sales process.

Businesses lost control of the information rights to the product or service they were selling. The internet meant that consumers had more control over how they were doing due diligence before they purchased ie not having to rely solely on information supplied by the salesperson in store.

Consumers have been and especially now… a lot more savvy about how they find value for money before they buy. So marketing has to take a step back… and fill a gap that wasn’t there before. Which all starts with your brand and what it represents, that’s  if  you want to remain competitive unless you just have that magnetic charm that makes people just want to buy something from you.
We must concentrate on things like  – Trust, loyalty, authority and value for money. This is what people expect these days.

Traditional Media

Yellow Pages has been slowly dying for a number of years..and the reasons are obvious. People now are so connected through a multitude of devices that looking up the Yellow Pages seems such a waste of productive time, just to find a local list of businesses that doesn’t provide any information other than their phone number address and a few bias benefits.

I Need Specifics Bob, Specifics!

If I Google a service in Wellington, I can trust and expect  good old Google to serve me up the top 10 listings that will give me everything the Yellow Pages will give… and some. So now what I can look for is: Who’s in my vicinity and what have they got to offer…I mean in terms of credibility and value for money, what current deals are available etc. So why would you even contemplate using the YP’s? Okay sure, they are online and they do offer a raft of different digital media packages. But I have to say…the Yellow Pages is one big beast and to get on the first page of Google for every niche in every industry is one big ask. Being ranked #1 for seo in my local region gives me a pretty good idea of what it would take for YP to do it… and I can say – hand on heart – they would definitely put themselves under, if they were to even consider it. So that, I think, should alleviate that problem for you if you are still considering a spend with YP. The same applies for local directories, which I think are essential if they offer a free listing. (These are great for Citations) But again, unless you have low competition in your niche, directory services are going to find it difficult to compete against SEO companies.

Local Rags and Niche Magazines.

This is an interesting one, I do believe that these can be effective, if the marketing is done correctly…and to some extent the YP’s.

What? … I thought you just crucified the YP’s, I hear you say?

I still think it’s the worst way to spend your marketing dollars, but there are still a few old dinosaurs that love picking it up and trawling through it.

If you position your pitch right and make a compelling enough offer for the advert to be effective it can work. Other than that you are just throwing your money away on what every good advertising rep wants you to believe (which  justifies the low response rate this sort of advertising generates) and that is… “brand awareness” It is impossible to measure and takes a big budget to etch your way into the heads of thousands of people in your local market. I’m not going to get into this topic because it is one of my pet peeves!, I’ll save it for another topic when I’m ready to rant!

Radio, TV & Outdoor Advertising

If you’ve ever tried radio advertising, you know it doesn’t give you a high enough return for your money, again unless you have the marketing right and have a compelling offer that is going to send you a flood of leads so you can capture information and put them in your sales and marketing funnel, your wasting your money.  If you don’t have that, then you will be willing enough to spend copious amounts of your marketing budget on Brand awareness.

Television Advertising is exactly the same, if not worse now, with all of today’s modern tools and gadgets that distract you from watching ads. eg remote control, mobiles, tablets and laptops, pre-recording services.  I don’t think I need to carry on with this topic for you to get where I’m going with it.

Either get the offer right and capture leads or know your metrics.

Have We Had it Too Good for Too Long?

Since before the Global Financial Crisis, we didn’t have to worry so much about where our next customer was coming from, we just threw more money at marketing, which in most cases did the job for a while. When things dried up, we’d simply rinse and repeat. We never had to apply the real fundamentals of business because we didn’t have to.

Well today’s clearly different!

We now have to start implementing new processes and systems that make our businesses into real, self-sustainable and profitable machines that develop true assets in today’s economy.

Whoop De Do… So What Does It All Mean Basil?

Well Austin! A real business is all about being self-sustainable with proper systems and processes in place, asset driven and profitable.

So how do we become self-sustainable?

This is what most small to medium size businesses struggle with. When we start a business, the first thing we should be doing is create a large following of loyal prospects. We should be looking to add value to their lives by providing them with benefits of our products and services.

So, herein lies the Rub – Customer Retention is the No.1 driver in virtually all industries, yet most businesses seem to struggle to communicate with their past customers on a regular basis, if not at all.

Why so?…

The general opinion from most of my clients is because there is no easy single solution that will make this method cost effective enough to continue you with it. Ahh… but that’s not true! – Stay tuned for more soon.

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