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At Digital Pulse our philosophy is about conversion not just lead generation.



Conversion is an art-form and is a highly complicated and diverse topic. But there is a quick solution and I’m about to tell you about an advanced and sophisticated piece of cloud software that can immediately improve your results, literally overnight!


That’s a pretty bold statement, I know, but I’ve seen and experienced the results.


So allow me to explain…


As well as conversion being an art-form, so too is making money and the majority of this craft comes down to conversion by optimisation –  You simply cannot expect to get everything right straight off the bat – That’s why optimisation is … in a sense, the most important aspect of conversion.


Now I don’t mean search engine optimisation, I mean tweaking and improving every aspect of your customer lifecycle, which pushes the prospect through a defined path until they buy, in other words earning the customers trust so they make the decision to enter into a relationship with you by buying your product and then telling all of their friends how great the experience was and how much they have benefitted because of it.  The majority of these systems for the typical small business, which have been put in place to manage this whole process, are usually carried out on a manual basis and hence the reason so many potential customers fall through the cracks by either going to the competition or simply not buying.


For example …


a local printing business decides they’d like to get more customers, so they come up with a special offer that’ll be advertised through a number of media channels. So after everthing’s been confirmed, the ad goes out and the staff have been prepared to take sales calls or reply to enquiries as well as hopefully taking orders.


Now for most small businesses that’s all that generally happens and after the campaign finishes, the scores are all added up and the result is established – with the most common results being it either tanked, did okay and made some money on top of the advertising costs or … ultimately made in-excess of 30% on the campaign.


Now here’s a more advanced way of doing things – Enter Infusionsoft … A sophisticated an all-in-one CRM and sales and marketing platform designed for small businesses (SME’s).


Lets see how we can optimise this process with an Infusionsoft program.


Okay, so we’re a printing business and we’ve decided on our campaign objectives and offer, which are:



  • Sell more business cards and brochures
  • Build a database of prospects
  • Nurture prospects over time
  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Improve customer service through automation
  • Establish ROI Return on Investment
  • Establish Opt-in rates
  • Establish Cost per lead
  • Establish Cost per qualified lead
  • Compare campaign costs
  • Discard in-effective media channels.
  • Get word of mouth referrals
So lets go ahead and set up the campaign in Infusionsoft
1. Set Up Steps in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder in under 15 minutes


2.) Set Up Landing Page with Special Offer and Optin Form For Emails

3.) Set Up Automated Follow-up processes.

4.) Set Up order taking processes. {Purchase Online or Phone}

5.) Set Up Fulfillment and Follow-up sequences.

6.) Customise Your Own Online Ordering Page For Product Offer (see below)



So as you can see, you can easily set up a campaign that’s ready and optimised to achieve the objectives like we set above in around 20 minutes.

So all you need to do is get your content out to your media partners, let the marketing automation kick in and wait for the results.

Infusionsoft have great reporting tools and on top of Google Analytics you’ll have everything you need to determine your ROI. Don’t forget to keep optimising your campaigns.

If you would like a demonstration on how Infusionsoft can help you grow your business and save time and costs by cutting down on manual processes. Then call now on 04 476-9123 or enter your details below.

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