How To Get Targeted Traffic in Minutes Through Press Releases!

Press Release Services

Press Release Services


Digital Pulse now provides Press Release Services! We write and distribute your Press Release to hundreds of different media outlets. We have perfected a media technique to get your press release seen by your target audience within minutes and have you at the top of Google’s search engine for your product or service.

Press releases are a great way to get your message out and if done well enough and consistently, you can get great exposure as well as great rankings for your website!

The news cycle game has changed, we used to think that press releases where only for BIG companies with BIG news!

Information is for anyone and everyone now and it’s instant! Look what happened to the music industry! Well the same is happening for News!

With online access to information consumers have access ‘in real-time’ to virtually anything they want! And you can talk directly to your audience in a matter of minutes. See case studies below

In the old days not so long ago anyone that wanted to run a press release would issue it to – media only – and then jump on the phone to journalists the next day! Editors and reporters had the power position! You’d then have to wait and see if was picked up and published and sometimes not for months would you see it!

Today’s a different story, the control of information has been decentralised! Now press releases circumvent the media and appear on millions of desktops all over the world. – Don’t believe me? … check out our own case study – Bloggers and other media constituents can pick up a release within minutes of it being published on the internet.

While it’s still critically important to build relationships with your local journalists, industry paper and magazine editors in the offline world, there are still major benefits of publishing your news online.


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Case Studies

We’ve completed a couple of case studies to show you how quickly you can get your message in front of your audience.

[VIDEO] Case Study One – Digital Pulse Launches New Press Release Service

- 12 Minutes To Get to #1 in the Google News Results
- 10 Hours to get our site to #7 on the first page of Google
- We avoid paying $5 per click for traffic looking for ‘Press Release Services’

View the video below to see how you can reduce your Adword Spend and increase your traffic instantly.

We’ve documented the process of our own press release, launching this very service.



[VIDEO] Case Study Two – 7 Minutes To Get to #1 in the Google News Results with over 4,500 views

Check out the video below on how we were able to rank #1 in Google for a highly competitive term in under 10 minutes through a simple press release.

After only 1 day this Press release was viewed by over 4,500 people.



 Press Release Sample For Local Building Inspection Company

Below is an example of how we got a Wellington building inspection company to the top of Google within an hour of the press release being submitted.



Click here or on the image below to see the actual press release complete with video.




Call Peter Now to talk about your next press release strategy! Phone: 04 476 9123 or 021 713714 or you can email

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