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Why set up a sales funnel?

Well firstly, it’s designed to guide prospects down the conversion path and ultimately turn them into a customer.

…and once it’s set up, it’s pretty much set and forget … it does all the work for you. All you have to do then, is concentrate on driving traffic to it and studying your analytics.

A sales funnel will weed out the tire-kickers and flush out hot prospects, so you can be more productive and effective by concentrating on the people you need to the most, to convert sales.

For those that aren’t ready to purchase, you put them into a long-term nurturing sequence in order to build more trust and credibility to help pull them back inside the conversion funnel when they’re ready to buy.

This is where providing content like FAQ’s is great for keeping in touch and building trust to close the sale.

Below is a quick overview and guide to setting up a sales funnel for your own business. We’ve recorded details of how we’ve set one up for one of our own products.

1. Create Your Landing Page

Below is a video of our product offering, it’s designed to give the viewer a warm-up of what we offer. It’s also been designed to leave them wanting more information. To do so, they have to opt-in to view more information on the product or service. You can do this with any product or service and has two major benefits:

1. Build a list of prospects you can continue to communicate with

2. Guide them down a conversion funnel to the sale.


2. Design Your Funnel

We set up a sales funnel for a national business franchise, which has a 30% opt-in rate and has sold over $200,000 since it’s inception.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to get through the funnel, which is a controlled sales environment and has an opt-in for more information at the end of the funnel. Once the viewer has completed this form, an alert goes out to the sales person to follow up.


So Here’s What’s Inside Ours

We’ve completed the second video, which is designed to give the viewer useful information on solving their problems as well as building a Know, Like and Trust relationship with them. Again leaving them with wanting more information. By the time a prospect has been right through the entire presentation, you know you have a hot prospect on your hands.

It’s up to you to put in a call to action at the end, to get the phone to ring or the clicks to sing.

3. Set Up Your Opt-in’s and Responders

For your funnel to work you must have everything in place to make sure your prospect receives the information they’re looking for without them going somewhere else.

Once they have opted in you can set up an email – which they should receive immediately – which asks them to click and confirm their permission. When they click the link you can send them to the target page at the same time.

Once they have landed on the target page, it’s up to you to provide valuable information, which will help them with their decision making process, which should be designed around solving their problems. Don’t make it salesy, but instead, provide them with valuable information.

You can set up sales funnels yourself and you don’t have to get fancy with them.

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