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To get your website ranked high in the most popular search engines, it is vital to use credible seo services that you can trust to get the job done quickly or you could waste a lot of time and money! If you aren’t familiar with search engine optimisation Services, keep reading because I’m going to give you a few basic principals, which are vital for your due diligence process and ultimately your success in seo..whether your going to do it yourself or have someone do it for you. Before you start reading make sure you view the case study below to ensure you are taking the right advise from the right person.

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Okay, so lets get started!

On-Page (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

Firstly what an seo expert will typically do to start with, is help you find the targeted traffic that are searching for your product or service through a process called keyword analysis. When we have found a number of keywords that you’re happy with. We then go about optimising your website by doing ‘on-page seo’, making the pages more relevant for the search engines to find your site for the searchers looking for your product.  There are a number of things we have to do to make them search engine friendly, we have to make sure all boxes are ticked so that we can optimise the opportunity of gaining a high ranking position.

Off-Page SEO

When we have completed the on-page work, we then start the process of ‘off-page seo’. We carry this out through a strategic campaign designed to build links back to your page. This is how Google determines how, credible, popular and important to users your page is. It’s very much like starting a new business. You have to show people that you are not just an overnight-er that may be out of business in a few months.

You have to let people know that you are adding value to their lives by providing valuable information about the product or service you are selling.

You also have to do networking and get people talking about your businesses. You need recommendations and referrals from past customers. As you do more of these things you start to get a name for yourself and start to build up credibility and trust. The same applies to seo… this is what the search engines want to see evidence of.

There are a number of things that we need to do to acquire good back links from relevant websites. The search engines also like to see a good amount of diversity in link building to make appear as natural as possible. There are certain time frames that you must adhere to as well as the velocity of links you are building, especially when it comes to new domains or new pages that you want to be ranked.

So once you have built a decent amount of links you should then start to see traffic coming through to your site. Now this is a whole new topic…You must have your page ready to promote your product or service so that you can convert some of those visitors.

Link Building Campaign

A good place to start is by writing relevant content, at least 550 words, which are relevant to the topic of your keyword. You can send this article out to a number of places on the internet. You can also vary the content, to make it go further. There are a number of article directories that you can submit your article to get your article out to the masses. These articles can also be picked up by bloggers that are looking for relevant content around their topic.

So this is where you can get hundreds of links coming back to your site.

You can also submit your content to Web 2.0 sites like, WordPress, These sites are also for bloggers that don’t want to set up their own sites, they also have the advantage of the community sharing.

You can join forums in your nice and add a links back to your website. You can comment on other peoples blogs and submit press releases to press release sites.

All of these things will create healthy link diversity and the more you can do this the more familiar the search engines will be with your site, which adds up building good credibility so that Google will trust you to serve up valuable and fresh content to their searches.

I hope this gives you an insight to what is required to rank high in the search engines if you aren’t confident or you just don’t have time to learn and do the things required. Make sure you use employ a reputable ‘seo services’ firm that you can trust and has good credibility. If you would like to see a case study on how we can rank very quickly for competitive terms click on the link and watch the seo wellington video you’ll also see case studies for other businesses we are working with.

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Do you have a competitive product or service you wanted to promote on Google, but didn’t think you could without it costing your whole marketing budget. Time is money in the SEO game, so make sure you’re not wasting yours by choosing the wrong provider with the wrong formula.

Time and time again we have clients that are not going for competitive keywords because other SEO providers have… for no reason put them off. Our philosophy at Digital Pulse is you can always get a top ranking depending on how much you want it. There is obviously money and time that has to be considered but, we know what we can rank for and what we can’t. We will certainly tell you if we can’t.

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